Frequently Asked Questions

and their answers provided by Redot Firearm Solutions

18years with parents’ consent and 21 years without parent consent
You must have dedicated status, Estate firearm that is inherited by you or you must be gainfully employed.
It depends, if you don’t have dedicated status under section 16 you may only poses 4 firearms. If you have dedicated status you may possess more than 4 firearms including a self-loading rifle or shotgun under section 16
  • Dedicated sport and hunting under section 16 means you have to belong to a shooting organisation that is registered with SAPS and may poses more than 4 firearms.
  • Occasional sport shooting and hunting under section 15 means you may only poses 4 firearms and you only have to show the registrar at CFR activity that you use this firearms for hunting or sport, like photos where you hunt, or at the range, shooting register or farmer letters. You do not have to belong to a shooting club or a shooting organisation.
Only one firearm, it may be a revolver, pistol or a shotgun.
  • SAPS Competency certificate can only be applied or received from your local Police station at the DFO.
  • A firearm proficiency certificate and statement of results will be issued from a registered firearm trainer provider after training was commenced, a copy of the proficiency certificate and statement of results must be handed in with your SAPS competency application.