Redot Membership

Why do I need a portfolio of evidence?

With any firearm application you must submit a motivation with supporting documentation as proof at your local DFO. The Central Firearm Registrar (CFR) will make a decision to issue you with a firearm licence based on the motivation and all supporting documentation you have submitted.

Here is a list of required supporting documents.
  • Supporting documents for occasional hunting:
    • Species of game an applicant wishes to hunt
    • Proof of participation in hunting activities
    • A letter indicating where hunting will take place
    • A declaration from the farm owner where hunting will take place
    • Detailed motivation regarding his/her interest in hunting.
  • Supporting documents for sports shooting:
    • Proof of participating in sports shooting
    • Written proof of discipline of sports shooting in which the applicant wishes to participate in
    • Proof of belonging to a sports shooting association, club or organisation
    • Success achieved in sports shooting activities
    • Detailed motivation regarding his/her interest in sports shooting.
  • Your own profile and log in details.
  • Download and scanned targets.
  • Download and scanned hunting letters.
  • Hunting and sport shooting activity logbook.
  • Upload of competency and training certificate etc...
  • Four-month reminder before your firearm licence will expire.

How to use your member panel effectively.

Profile information:
  • Your profile information will be automatically uploaded with all your personal details with registration.
  • You can change your personal information on your profile accordingly.
Shooting activity:
  • All shooting activities will be allocated to a list called shooting activity.
  • Before any sport shooting commence, you need to download a REDOT Target Shooting Activity for the shooting range and a target under downloaded documents and must be completed and signed by the responsible person at the shooting range.
  • Before any hunting activities commence, you need to download a REDOT Hunting Farm Letter for your hunting trip and it must be completed and signed by the responsible person of the hunting farm on your return from your hunting trip.
  • How do I log my shooting activity? Go to your home page and click on the link that states, add shooting activity and complete all information needed on this page. After completion of all required information you need to click on the browse button and upload the relevant document or photo as requested.
  • Now you can click on upload new activity. (This activity is now saved under shooting activities.)
  • A register where all your firearm information can be stored.
  • To add a new firearm, you can click on the left-hand side of the panel on the firearm button. A window will open on the right-hand side of the screen, click on add firearm and follow all the instructions.
  • All registered firearms will be saved under your profile and an automated SMS as reminder will be send to your phone or via email four months prior the expiry date of your firearm licence. (We will be able to assist you with the firearm renewal and motivation)
  • All firearm related documentation needed will be available to be downloaded when necessary.
  • Click on the download tab and a list of documents will be available on the right-hand side of the screen, now select the document that you require and click on action.
Scanned documents:
  • All firearm related documentation can be scanned and saved on your profile for safe keeping. We suggest that the following documentation should be scanned and saved on your profile and is not limited with our suggestions.
  • Identity document.
  • SAPS competency certificate.
  • Proficiency training certificate.
  • Firearm licence cards, front and back.
  • Any firearm activity like hunting or shooting at a shooting range.
  • Photo of the safe with the door open with nothing in the safe and a photo with the safe door closed with the keys in the door.
  • After every purchase at Redot you will receive an online invoice.
  • All Redot invoices will be stored automatically on your panel.
  • With each enquiry a quote will be send to the Quote panel.
  • Any product or price enquiries will be under quotes.
  • Frequently asked questions, if you select this option you will be redirected to our website. This option will assist you with all the basic questions we receive daily.
Membership certificate:
  • This certificate confirm that you are a member of Redot Firearm solutions and can be accompanied with all the other relevant paperwork for your firearm application.
Log out:
  • You will safely leave your page and log out of your profile.