Firearm Proficiency (Competency) Steps

How to become firearm proficient and get your competency

Proficiency training theory:
  • Formative examination (Open Book) to be completed at home with black pen by yourself.
  • Summative examination (Closed Book) to be completed at Redot training facility with black pen after completion of formative exam under supervision. (Take about 2 to 3 hours)
Practical shoot:
  • A practical shoot will commence after completion of the Formative and Summative exam. (Take about 2 hours)
  • Shooting commences on every Tuesday, Friday and arranged Saturdays (11:00 for 12:00) (Assemble point Redot office) (Confirmation of attendance compulsory)
  • Range fee of R100 must be paid at the shooting range on the day of the practical shoot.
  • Redot will provide the learner with the necessary firearms and ammunition on the day of the shoot, if the learner fail his / her shooting exercise he / she can shoot again but have to buy their own ammunition for the second attempt.
  • All relevant personal protective equipment will be provided by Redot.
  • Please wear shoes that cover your whole feet. (Brass burns)
  • Please do not wear a shirt that have a low cut or V-neck. (Brass burns)
  • Bring sunscreen (Outdoor shooting range only)
  • Bring a hat (Outdoor shooting range only)
  • After you have successfully completed your Formative exam, Summative exam and Practical shoot you will be issued with a Proficiency certificate from Redot Firearm Solutions and a P.F.T.C. Statements of results. Please give 8-10 days after completion of the practical shoot before collecting your certificate and Statement of results. (Phone and make an appointment to collect your proficiency certificate and statement of results) (Proficiency certificate and statement of results will only be issued if the learner was found competent)
Competency application: (Waiting period 90 days)
  • After you have received both your Redot proficiency certificate and P.F.T.C. Statement of results, you may apply for your SAPS Competency certificate at your nearest Police Station (DFO)
  • A SAPS 517 form need to be completed and the following documentation must accompany your application.
  • A certified copy of your proficiency certificate and P.F.T.C. statement of Results.
  • Certified copy of your ID document x 2
  • Proof of home address
  • 3 persons to be interviewed
  • 2 x Passport photos
  • R77-00 Cash for your competency application and is payable at the admin office at your local DFO