Firearms Control Amendment Bill. What can we do in the interim?


Dear Redot clients

The drafted legislation of the Firearms Amendment Bill of 2021 has seen much of the focus over the last week, which proposes tighter controls and management of firearms,…


Dear Redot clients

The drafted legislation of the Firearms Amendment Bill of 2021 has seen much of the focus over the last week, which proposes tighter controls and management of firearms, and the establishment of the National Firearms Register.

The changes are aimed at:

  • Deleting of licensing for self-defense.
    •    Reduction of firearms license period to five years.
    •    Reduction in the number of allowed licenses.
    •    Limiting amount of ammunition per license.
    •    Reloading ammunition to be made unlawful.

Be assured that Redot will, like all other accredited associations, dealers, and collectors, as well as civil society firearms organisations who form part of the firearms fraternity, intensely oppose all negatives proposed in the amendments to the FCA.

What can we do in the interim?  

  • Participate in petitions.
  • Formulate comments and mail them to the FCA.
  • Only use reliable platforms for information in regards to the drafted legislation of the Firearms Amendment Bill 2021.
  • Don’t surrender or change sections of your firearms.

Our suggested petition platform is Dear South Africa:

Dear South Africa is a legally recognized and constitutionally protected platform that allows and enables the public to co-shape all government policies, amendments and proposals. We invite and encourage both firearm owners and non-owners to participate in this fundamental legislative amendment. Dear South Africa is the only platform that has an effect on the government.

One of the most effective ways that the public can make their voices heard is through public participation. These submissions are then sent to members of the National Assembly committees, NCOP committees, or Joint committees. For submission to be considered and effective the format needs to be considered carefully. It is important that the submission is easily read and understood by members of the committee.

Dear South Africa submits each and every comment as one submission and not as one petition, which is understood to be one presentation.

Dear South Africa invites the public to participate via its online campaign, which can be found at the following  link:

We also suggest that you send your additional comments and opinions directly to .  Please formulate your comments and opinions in line with the proposed changes to specific sections of the Amendment Bill as indicated by the FCA. We at Redot are of the opinion that as so many as possible legal firearms owners must write a letter in defense of our legal firearm ownership and use of our firearms.

A copy of the amended Bill: Firearms Control Act – Amendment Bill

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Kind regards

The Redot Team


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  1. Dirk viljoen

    Almal het regte, en een daarvan is om jou gesin en jouself teen ekemente te beskerm waar jy bedreigd voel

  2. William

    The world renowned Geneva Convention allows me to protect my family and friends,,, south africa is known for having criminals in the police as well as in the government,,, I may not be deprived of my rights to protect myself and my family by a criminal system such as the one in this country,,, because of such criminalities we have one of the highest crime countries in the world,,,

  3. I am totally against the proposed changes to the bill.

  4. Jan Brink

    Hi, there. My License Application has been made on 14th of April. Will they now scrap it because one of the reasons was for self defence?

    • Hello Jan, no remember it is just a draft, for now, I don’t think they will get that bill passed.
      Kind regards

  5. Clement Nelson

    This can not be allowed! This will cause serious and violent crimes to spike because they will know we can’t protect ourselves.